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Postal address

Postal address

For successful business it is important to be contactable and have all correspondence under control. Make use of professional post management for it. Trained personnel will accept all your corporate post and promptly inform you of it by e-mail. Subsequently, in accordance with your requests we will send the mail to the address you state or file it and prepare it for handover.

Make use of the postal delivery address at ul. Pobřežní 249/46 in Prague 8:

  • You obtain a visible designation on the building—first name, surname or company name
  • We closely co-operate with deliverers from various courier services, thanks to which we can guarantee that your correspondence will never get lost.
  • We will accept all post received and store it in our office.
  • At your request, we will forward post anywhere or scan it.
  • We will automatically notify you of your post by e-mail, even if you are, for example, on holiday.

We guarantee high-quality services for a great price.
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Annual payment

350,- CZK/month excl. VAT

Quarterly payment

420,- CZK/month excl. VAT

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