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  • Prague 10


    from 200 CZK
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  • Prague 8


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    520 CZK

  • Prague 6


    from 450 CZK
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  • Prague 4


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  • Prague 7


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  • Brno


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Who we are

Prestigious address

Do you need a company registered office in Prague, Brno or another city in the Czech Republic fast and cheap? Do you want a prestigious address? Join up with us and obtain a strong partner that will arrange a company registered office for you. We offer complete services for natural persons and legal entities that are looking for an available, fast and high-quality service, certainty and want to make use of their time in the most efficient way.


Each client is unique to us

We try to provide our clients with the best and we are also open to new ideas and requests from a client. Thanks to this, we can constantly perfect our services. We build a good, long-term relationship with every client and our main aim is to satisfy all your requirements in the best way.

  • 8 years in business

  • 523+

  • 8

Full service

Our services

Registered office of company

  • prestigious address for a company’s registered office
  • the acceptance of post at least once a week
  • notification of all post from us by e-mail

Postal address

  • obtain a visible designation on the building
  • we can guarantee that your correspondence will never get lost
  • we will automatically notify you of your post by e-mail

Rental of meeting rooms

  • close to metro line B (Křižíkova station)
  • advantageous price conditions for our current clients
  • during the summer season the option of renting a roof terrace

Company establishment

  • we will help establish a company
  • your presence is necessary only at the bank when opening a company account
  • we offer VAT payer/non VAT payer options
  • Additional services

  • Accounting

    We offer comprehensive accounting services

  • Changes to company

    Changes through the municipal court or a notary

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Arrange a virtual registered office for your company today for very affordable prices. Use our interactive online calculator. We offer the contract for both VAT and non-VAT payers.

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